We are proud of Japan Domestic Models and would like to introduce worldwide.
 Please enjoy JDM web shopping started in 2008 in Tokyo Japan.

 Authorized Dealer of CASIO and CITIZEN.

 Started watch business in 1905 Shibuya Tokyo.
 Head office and store locatied Dogenzaka Shibuya.

 Paypal Checking is appreciated
 could be check out as menbers.
 Additional charge may be requiered to ship your order by DHL Express

Only DHL Express is available.

 If you are Middle East (UAE and so on), Israel and Remote Location,
 Additional charge may be requiered to ship your order by DHL Express

 We can not ship watch to RUSSIA by DHL

 Ship only the address where buyer register to paypal.
 Do not underestimate value of ship.
 Do not declare ship as GIFT

 Return is accepted only if it is caused initial miss shipping of us.
 Do not accept return and exchange which caused by customer's favor and reasons.

 All products we ship is inspected very carefully before shipping out. 
 It is good condition for sale with each manufacture's qualitiy judged.

 When you have any question about manufature's quality and defect,
 just make a contact with them under their international warranty 

 When it is necessary, we will charge USD 50-100 as primary handling
 and shipping charge. 

 It is charged from your refund. 

 When we confirm mistake of us, we pay all for it for sure.

 Custom Duty
 Tax and custom duty should be checked by customer self to your custom office
 before ordering.

 All of productions are brand new .We do not handle second hand and used at all.

 Selling Price
 It is indicated in USD include ship and handling charge in general.

 Please try our speedy and reliable service in factory fresh condition of JDM watch
 from JAPAN.