We are proud of JDM without doubt and would like to tell how good it is
to International customers.
It is welmade by Japanese craftsmanship in finish precisely and is practical
in design and accuracy with reasonable price.

We are authorized dealer of JDM SEIKO CITIZEN and CASIO.

Export watches in fine condition from beginning.

And find one thing through our carrier is Factory fresh condition is desirable to the customers.

Now we are making our best effort to ship watches in factory fresh condition as many
as we can but not at all with our speed shipping.We believe Shopping is entertainment to customer even it is done through web site.So we ship quickly as possible as we can and work industorially as Japanese old store.We promise our best effort to your enjoyable on line shopping from overseas.<Please try our speedy and reliable service in factory fresh condition JDM watch
from Tokyo Shibuya we proud of our business work also.


Authorized retailer of SEIKO CITIZEN and CASIO.
Established in 1905 Shibuya Tokyo.

Address: Office / Store
2. 6.15 Dogenzaka Shibuya Tokyo 150-0043

Store hour  AM10:00-PM6:00 Saturday, Sunday ,Close
Phone: 0081-03-3464-1848 (English available)
Fax:   0081-03-3461-0704

About us
Chino watch co, ltd
Started watch business in 1905 Shibuya Tokyo where office located.We are doing watch business more than 100 years as retailer. So well known as old store Or specialist of JDM retailer in Japnese watch business.For mail order business in internet world,On line shopping was begun in 1999 at Rakuten ichiba for Japanese market.After several occasions of international mail order request from world,
we had started English site originally.We are not a retailer who are doing business just on line, our shop is located Tokyo area.
You are welcome to our store when you visit the famos scramble ( two minutes) Shibuya Tokyo.


Outside, red brick's building 3rd floor



  chino brothers

CEO  Toku Chino GIA GG
Web master Makoto Chino GIA GG
Graduated Gemological Institute of America in 1980 as residence.

We are located here